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ABC Ultima Online

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New Player Guide:
Playing Ultima Online

Welcome to Britannia! Learn the
ropes to surviving the perils of
this dangerous land.

New Player Guide:
Shard Features

If you've played Ultima Online
in the past, learn what you
can expect to see on ABC UO.

ABC Quest Guide
Looking for a new adventure?
Find one in the Quest Guide.

Welcome to ABC Ultima Online

ABCUO is the original no-skillcap Ultima Online server. Whether you've been playing Ultima Online for years or are completely new to UO, you're sure to find ABCUO a fun place to play. Playing on ABC is free of charge; we are completely supported by player donations.

We feature the latest expansion content including the Stygian Abyss, the new loot systems, and both the classic and enhanced clients. ABC was the first free server to add these features and will continue to be the first to add future expansions - but unlike other servers we won't annoy you with endless self-promotion. You won't find a more refined, more stable, or more fun Ultima Online server anywhere.

If you've never played Ultima Online before, you'll want to read the setup instructions and new player guide. Experienced players should start with the shard rules and the features/combat pages.

O Guia do Jogador ABC Ultima Online - Versão em Português
ABC Ultima Online Oyuncu Klavuzu - Türkçe Versiyon

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Quick connect: port 2593
Recommended client version:
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